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Light Makeup

Light Makeup artist

Light Makeover to Glow Yourself

Depending on the current social trends, and the party theme makeup varies from heavy or glamorous to light. Light makeup is somewhat close to the natural makeover of someone to enhance the attractiveness and facial recognitions without the use of heavy makeup products. A good light makeover usually renders positive impressions without interfering your recognition. A bit of Mascara, foundation, and eye shadow can be your everyday light makeup look that magnetizes others towards your looks. Light makeup ranges from a little bit of mascara, concealer to bronzer, eye shadow, foundation, and liner. The best Light makeups come with a wide range of things for different peoples. For someone, it starts with mascara, eye shadow, and foundations and can be a transformation into a brighter & heavier eye shadow with lashes. Jewel beauty creation with its professional skilled team of makeup artists renders the best light makeup in Rishikesh according to your range of the function. Light makeup by Jewel beauty creation is one of the best light makeup salons which offers the best light makeover according to your party needs.


Pre Wedding Makeup

pre wedding makeup artist

A Photographic makeup before the wedding

Gained the immense popularity in the modern days, Pre-wedding shoot or couple photography emerged as an essential part of the wedding ceremony. As it is a lifetime treasure for both bride & groom, so the standout personality & looks for the photographic results must be perfect. For impeccant couple photography, Jewel beauty creations render the best pre-wedding makeup giving a glamorous look. The need for a professional pre-wedding makeup artist accelerates as the makeup during Couple Photography always depends on the theme and style of the shoot. Small pimples on the face may not be a big deal in your every day’s life, but showing it in the wedding album may not look good. Thus, the best pre-bridal treatments are very crucial to have a radiant look on your pre-wedding day. Jewel beauty creation with their team of experienced makeup artists is the best pre-wedding makeup artist in Dehradun & Rishikesh. Jewel beauty creation redounds the photographers & couples for obtaining the desired looks for their photographed moments.

Pre Wedding Makeup Artist